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karo indian ad 1955

(Editor’s note: Karo Corn Syrup was first introduced in 1903 by the Corn Products Refining Company of New York and Chicago. This was a significant moment in the development of corn byproducts, since for many years the only product corn manufacturers could sell from their corn crops outside of corn itself was cornstarch used for starching shirts in laundries.

Scientists first figured out how to produce dextrose (corn sugar) just after the Civil War, and the introduction of Karo and other corn syrups transformed America’s kitchens and cookbooks. By 1910, the first Karo Cook Book was introduced, and in the following decades, corn syrup popped up in an increasing number of recipes. Corn syrup was cheaper than sugar made from sugarcane, and it was available during wartime rationing. Find it in recipes for popcorn balls and Bee / Mamma / Grandma’s peanut brittle.)


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