In "The American Woman's Cookbook" 1939, SOURCES on August 23, 2015 at 9:24 am

pork american women's cookbook

(Editor’s note: This tip chart is from Bee / Mamma / Grandma’s most well-worn cookbook. Note that a tiny square has been cut out of this page, just above the sketch of Boston Style Butt. Wonder if Bobby, Boyd or Billy needed a picture of a piece of meat for a school project?)

  1. I did glue all the chicken bones from a grilled chicken back together to see if I could make a chicken skeleton, but I don’t remember ever cutting out a picture of whatever that was.

    BTW, that was the funniest looking chicken I’ve ever seen. It was rather like a cross between a chicken and a giraffe – the neck was VERY long. It was my first and last attempt at orthopaedic chicken work.

  2. Ummm… I have no memory of cutting anything out of a cook book. The beef portion charts are helpful though to know what you are buying. Grandma did teach me to cut up a whole chicken into the normal frying pieces, and it takes a special cut to preserve the wishbone if you want to pull it for good luck.

  3. Just because I’m answering last doesn’t mean that I cut out the picture – but I do not remember anything about this sort of thing – I was always out riding my bike or playing baseball to look at a cookbook!

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