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sausage booklet

sausage booklet 2

sausage booklet 3

sausage booklet 5

sausage booklet 6

sausage booklet 7

sausage booklet 8

sausage booklet 9

(Editor’s note: This small pamphlet was tucked inside a cookbook handed down to us from Marion Reynolds King, the mother of Bob / Daddy / Granddaddy. While today’s story from Bee / Mamma / Grandma tells us about sausage made at home in Round O, this pamphlet was an advertisement for the Institute of American Meat Packers, based out of Chicago.

The pamphlet divides sausage into two main types — “domestic” or fresh sausage, and then “dry” sausage, which indicates a dried and/or smoked sausage “for the emergency shelf and the impromptu late supper, the children’s lunch-box or the automobile hamper.”

Of significant interest is the poem on page 2 titled “Sausage,” written in 1917 by Edgar A. Guest. Enlarge the photo and treat yourself to a dramatic reading; in case you can’t read the words, the first stanza says:

“You may brag about your breakfast foods you eat at break of day,
Your crisp, delightful shavings and your stack of last year’s hay,
Your toasted flakes of rye and corn that fairly swim in cream,
Or rave about a sawdust mash, an epicurean dream. 
But one of these appeals to me, though all of them I’ve tried —
The breakfast that liked the best was sausage mother fried.”)


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