In "The Way It Was", 2-William B. Garris 1879-1949, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, Bee Stories, FAMILY: BEE & BOB TOGETHER, FAMILY: PATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS BY LOCATION, Round O, S.C., STORIES on August 28, 2015 at 6:09 am

We used to  belong to a ” Beef Club”. the members would take turns and on his Saturday, a farmer would butcher a cow , cut it up into pieces and  deliver it to all the other members of the club. They even had the pieces figured out so with rotation, each person would get the same breaks as to the better cuts of beef. This  was our way of having beef over the weekend  and every week with out any worry about no refrigeration.  When it was Daddy’s turn, Guess what? Back to the boiling pot in the back yard.  This pot was set in concrete with space for fire underneath with a chimney and a roof overhead. Other things like if we were lucky enough to get a deer , it was cleaned in that pot also.  I am sorry to report,  somebody has stolen that pot from the yard and it is no longer in our back yard. Maybe someone else is using it to it’s full capacity. When I think back I realize that pot was a center of activity , social life and enjoyment.

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter Two: “THE BIG ROUND POT OUT IN THE BACK YARD,” 1999

  1. Seems like a great idea if you didn’t have refrigerators. I guess smoking and salting worked better with pork. I remember the old smokehouse behind the old kitchen.

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