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album page photo 4

album page from round o

(Editor’s note: The full photo at the top of the page is the store of which Bee / Momma / Grandma speaks. You can see the house just to the right of the store, and if you look really closely, you can see Bee / Momma / Grandma! We posted these pictures before, back in March 2013, at which time Bob / Daddy / Granddaddy’s cousin Alva Caroline suggested that they might have been taken in 1997, at the time of Floy’s funeral.

Currently this is the only photo of the store we have in our collection. Do any of you have any photos of the store when it was in use?)

  1. Yes, I see Momma Bee to the right side on the bottom picture. The store has lost it’s front steps, but is still standing – a testament to a good roof. This picture was taken before she sold the house to a lady who wanted to restore it and run it as a B&B. The last time I saw the house it was in much better shape. The inclusion of the cemetery in the photos probably does mean it was about the time Floy died.

  2. George and I went to Floy’;s funeral. We were there when Julia Helen, Bee, and some of the family were taking these pictures. George says that this was the store where Aunt Sister sold hats. The Post Office was located in a separate room in the back. There were bars across all the windows and there were steps, which are missing when this picture was taken. The house on the right is the Garris house which was in the process of being renovated when we were there. I believe this was in 1997.

    The general store was located on the other side of the Dodd house around the corner. George says he will make a drawing of all the houses and buildings in this vicinity that he remembers and I’ll send it to you.
    Betty Stack

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