Need to find a person or photo?

You can go about this in two different ways.

One is to click on the red FAMILY TREES tab at the top of every page. That will lead you to a page of four lists — Grandma/Momma/Bee’s paternal and maternal lines, and Granddaddy/Daddy/Bob’s paternal and maternal lines. If any of the people on those lists have been in a photo, been mentioned by name in a story, or contributed a recipe on this cookblog, their name will be highlighted. Click on the highlight and you’ll get a page of all those posts.

The second method is to use the drop-down CATEGORIES menu, located in the middle portion of the bottom of every page. Under the family category BEE & BOB TOGETHER, you’ll find Grandma/Momma/Bee, Granddaddy/Daddy/Bob, plus their children, grand- children and great-grandchild. Under the family category BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), you’ll find her brother Howard,  sisters Floy and Jessie (Ditta), sister-in-law Emily, brother-in-law Lowell, neice Julia Helen, nephews Douglas and Roland, plus great-neice (?) Mary and Mary’s husband Steve and daughter Laura. Under the family category BROTHERS (BOB), you’ll find his brothers Happy and Sonny, and sister-in-law Emily. The remaining family categories — MATERNAL LINE (BEE), MATERNAL LINE (BOB), PATERNAL LINE (BEE), and PATERNAL LINE (BOB) — include Grandma/ Momma/Bee’s and Granddaddy/Daddy/Bob’s parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Need to find a recipe? Here’s how …

Click on either MENUS or COOKBOOK SO FAR — both red tabs you can find at the top of every page. MENUS is a list of our food memories from holidays and get-togethers, with recipes highlighted and linked once they have been posted. COOKBOOK SO FAR is a complete index of all recipes that are now here online. (Note:  Recipes are no longer filed under the drop-down CATEGORIES menu at the bottom of the page. As more and more recipes got posted, the links there got confusing. The top tabs should make foods easier to find.)

  1. This is such a great resource Carey! Everytime I get on it’s grown to include more information!
    I know it takes a lot to time to put this together…wonderful job!

  2. Hi, I could use your help. The cookbook the welsh rarebit recipe is pictured from looks like my mom’s old cookbook. It was lost in a move years ago, the front cover was missing and I don’t know the tilte. If you do, could you send it please? Thank you

    • I have that cookbook right here by my laptop. Have been searching for the title. If you find out please forward to my email address. Thank you so very much.

  3. Hello I work for a publishing company, Penguin Australia, and we are publishing a children’s book that includes references to WW1 and includes photos of special things from history. We would like to include the handwritten note , Momma’s Fried Bread that appeared on your website under ‘family/brother/sisters’. It would be wonderful to get your permission and we would be happy to send you a copy of the book upon publication. Could you please email me below to discuss? With thanks, Michelle Atkins

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